Founded in 2020, Northern Dragon Media are a Manchester-based production company, producing innovative and ground-breaking content to be used across all media platforms.



ground-breaking content

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Get Buzzin’ with Bez

Join everyone’s favourite music icon on his fitness journey throughout the coming months! Not only will he be put through his paces by a top PT, but he will also be chatting to a psychologist, learning yoga and dabbling in a little bit of hypnotherapy.

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Northern Dragon was borne out of its founders’ desire to want to make a difference. To help highlight the genuine struggles that people have suffered over the past few months, making informative and thought-provoking films highlighting society’s challenge adapting to ‘the new normal’ and the way it has affected the mental health of millions.

The company offers bespoke positivity training tailored specifically to the needs of the client which will assist in the support of your workforce during these unprecedented times.


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